Nick Hughley LMT - therapeutic massage

"Wow! One of the best massages I've received.  Great focus and very appropriate pressure; wonderful deep tissue work on my back and shoulders.  I loved the slow "speed" -- it was just the pace I needed."
--Monika V.

"Nick is incredibly sensitive to ensuring a comfortable environment and session."
--Kelly H.

"I enjoyed Nick's variety of strokes and techniques.  He didn't become repetitive at all.  It felt like he was completely focused on my body for the entire hour."
--Boe Z.

"I appreciate Nick's attentiveness and genuine care.  Great energy; wonderful techniques!"
--Kylea S.

"The pressure was very consistent.  Nick's hands have lots of heat, very relaxing and therapeutic.  I felt comfortable at all times."
--Barbara D.

"The breathing and diaphragm work felt very effective and the neck work felt great.  Very relaxing!"
--Anna S.

"I liked that Nick put the deep tissue work in a context of a whole treatment.  He also did some rocking, centering and warming up that felt great."
--Kyra A.

"The relief in my hip from the muscle release was amazing."
--Caroline B.

"Warm hands.  Relaxing and wonderful massage.  Checked in appropriately.  Great energy."
--Megan K.

"Your massage was the best.  I liked the jostling and feathering at the end of the session.  It made me melt!"
--Lindsey T.

"The extensive work and attention on the neck and shoulders area was great.  I also enjoyed the strong pressure.  I feel very relaxed and good."
--Josephine D.

"This was an excellent massage.  He kept me involved; honed in on trouble spots and kept at them."
--Keith C.

"Nick used the perfect amount of pressure.  His hands are soothing and seemed naturally warm.  Everything was great!"
--Francis H.

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